Friday, March 2, 2012

NULT Telescope Lunar Rover

FINDING THE PARKED CAR ON THE MOON! As part of the NULT New Ultra Large Telescope Pointing Suggestion Program, a request to find and image the LRV, Lunar Roving Vehicle, coined Lunar Rover, was filed. In the original request, bean writes, "I'd like to see the rover that was left on the moon."

Three manned-style rovers were left on the Moon from Apollo 15, 16 and 17. The cars were battery operated, had four wheels, and was in operation during 1971 & 1972. It was also known as the MOON BUGGY which was a play upon words Dune Buggy. Resolution of data shows the Apollo 17 Lunar Rover's shape and size, parked on the lunar surface. The Rover is relatively low in the photo and does not catch the sunlight like the surrounding crater rims and tall rock peaks and thus appears as a darker image. There was a great deal of darker lunar dust that collected on the car during use contributing to its absorption of light.

This data represents the first use of the Big Brain's Universe Penetrator and the Adjunct for examining a lunar object. The Moon is only 270,000 miles from the Earth. The Penetrator was designed for DSO's of ultra deep space with distances of billions of light years. As seen here, the Universe Penetrator, Adjunct and the NULT Telescope function well on the Moon. Data analysis is part of Big Brain's newly formed Deep Space Center DSC. Cooperation between Big Brain and NASA has made the 24-meter NULT Telescope dream a reality.