Saturday, March 3, 2012

NULT Resolution

No longer is the Big Brain's NULT telescope solely dependent of aperture to determine its resolution. In fact, it was and it wasn't. How can the NULT be in two places at the same time? This ability of the NULT to resolve beyond its aperture changed early on in the program with the introduction of the Adjunct, but was not reported due to time restraints and rapid developments of a robust program. The resolution proportion ~ of the NULT is currently

Formula Governing NULT Resolution

R ~ {[1.22 (Lambda)]/[(D1)+(D2subn1,n2,n3...)]}/~P

in the mathematical proportional expression where P is the Penetrator setting (1-10), Lambda is the wavelength of observable light, R is the resolution, D1 is the NULT aperture, D2 is the Adjunct setting, and n is the node. As the Adjunct setting increases, or the wavelength of light decreases, or the aperture increases, or a combination of the above, the resolution of the NULT increases.