Friday, March 2, 2012

NULT Telescope Kepler 22b

As part of the NULT New Ultra Large Telescope Pointing Suggestion Program, a request to find and image a remote planet outside of our solar system was made. The NULT Telescope was pointed at the coordinates of the remote planet Kepler 22b and this is the result. This is a direct optical image that does not use any techniques of interferometry and is open to study and interpretation. However, it gainfully utilizes the Universe Penetrator in the wide open 10X mode. One may create a method yardstick for the measurement of life on the planet. Thanks to Dave Hein for this telescope pointing suggestion. "Humanoido, could you point NULT at Kepler-22b? It's an earth-like planet (at) 600 light-years away. It's orbit is in the middle of the habitable zone around its sun, and you might be able to detect some evidence of life there."