Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ULT Advancements

Big Brain ULT Adjunctive Swarming illustration
There is no question the ULT is the most expensive, sophisticated and advanced project ever conceived and undertaken through the auspices of the Propeller Powered Big Brain. It has become the fulfilling element of higher purposes and destiny of the Big Brain.

A number of new advancements are now in effect to increase the conceptual thinking and real time abilities of the Big Brain's ULT, Ultra Large Telescope and Spacecraft. The formulation, function and definition of the ULT is more defined as time progresses. This is a review and interpolation of those effects and some extrapolation into the future.
The ULT functions as a Symbiotic Earth-Space Telescope
and as an obversing interstellar spacecraft and intergalactic star ship. With its Multi-Concept, NASA resources and the Big Brain, the ULT is configured to become a mobile device that can change positions within the solar system and go beyond. There is no other device like the ULT in current existence.

THE ULT has the Following Components & Tools
94 Active Swarming Adjunctive Arrays (see here and here)
Character Selection Filter Ranger

The ULT follows Paradigm Shifts

The ULT as a Both a Conceptual
and Actual Spacecraft / Starship
* Interstellar Travel between the Stars
* Interplanetary & Solar System Space Travel
* Galactic Travel Between and Within Galaxies
* Orbital Spacecraft for Earth Missions
* Probe Missions to the EOU Boundaries (Edge of Universe)

The ULT is working with these parameters
Time Travel

Time Travel Coefficient Based On Distance

Light Speed

Faster Than Light Speed - Super Luminal Velocity
Orbital Positions
Space Travel
EOU Boundaries
Coexistor (Being in Two Places at the Same Time)

The ULT Philosophy

The ULT Management

We see the ULT becoming multi-purposed (Telescope, Spacecraft, tool of scientific investigation and discovery, new paradigm shifts) and more refined in its potentials and capabilities. It will function today as a telescope and as an obversing Space Craft, but tomorrow expect more from this massive project. 

Image source - Gizmodo