Monday, March 26, 2012

ULT Voyaging Craft Window

Taking the Obverse Voyaging Craft to the Next Level

What is this Voyage Stuff?
The telescope is being handled as an obverse voyage craft, i.e if you cannot physically travel to the edge of the Universe (because it would take 13.7 billion years to arrive there traveling at the speed of light) then the ULT Craft will move the edge (or more accurately, some portion of it) to you by providing a Craft Window. The Craft Window allows the visible aspect to the design of the journey.

Trip to Mars
For example, a trip to Mars would employ the special effects of character wavelength selection to reach Mars, fly above the clouds, enter the mid cloud stream, and finally approach the surface, the results of which appear in the ULT Craft Window. At first we see the disk grow from small to large, then fill the view, as the polar cap and morning frost along with high elevation cloud tops are seen through the Craft Window. The CW also allows seeing the most remote objects in the Universe for set journeys. Next, the ULT Craft goes mid atmosphere, visible through the CW, inclusive of any dust storms. Finally the CW usually shows surface detail provided there are no major dust storms going on.

Craft Window & Time Travel
The Craft Window, for large distances, will undergo time travel. The amount of time travel is dependent on distance. In the remote part of the solar system, this can accumulate to a couple hours. At the beginning of time, the value increases to the 13.7 billion year mark. One can calculate or look up the time travel coefficient when traveling large distances. For the Solar System, calculating the time travel coefficient is usually not necessary.

New Craft Window
The ULT Administration is designing a new ULT Craft Window that will include the parameters discussed. This can show the amount of time travel as you look out the CW and the distance departed in the journey. Other parameters are possible based on settings of the Multi Mag Slider, Universe Penetrator, Adjunctive Array, and other devices.

New Terms
CW Craft Window
ULT Craft
Obverse Voyage Craft
Time Travel
Time Travel Coefficient Based On Distance
Light Speed
Super Luminal Velocity