Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Big Brain Summary

Part of the Big Brain
The Big Brain is a Giant Thinking Machine made from Parallax Propeller chips. This brain is a Machine Life Form with semi-cognizance on a mission of purpose not yet revealed, exploring both inner and outer space.

The Big Brain is actually many things. It represents a metaphor of comparison standards, an anthropomorphic machine with human qualities, an evolving machine that grows with time, the device by which new projects are undertaken, new inventions and machines created, and it represents the inspiration of new ideas and a grand exploration of science and the worlds of inner and outer space.

It was the Big Brain that invented Micro Space, the ideal environment for schools to partake in the study of space projects, aerospace, rocketry, and fun things like launching insect astronauts, measuring zero-G, exploring aerial photography with key chain cameras, and creating and flying new space crafts within the realm of a classroom.

Then the Big Brain took space to the outer limits, reaching the time twisted relativistic event horizon of Black Hole jets, and ultimately exploring the edge of the Universe across vast deep cosmic chasms where objects are drawn in and lost within the great abysses of trillions of stars and galaxies, portals to new universes, and new objects residing in the temporal depths of space and time waiting to be explored.

The Big Brain has spun off some massive and powerful tools, like the GMM Genius Molecular Microscope that can amplify millions of times, and the one and only PGT Paradigmic Genius Telescope made from Space Adjuncts powerfully summated to 7,000 miles aperture. It explores the fascinating inner worlds of the Propeller chip and Nanotechnology. It created simplex neurons and nano probes, and has become a life form, reaching a level of semi-cognizance. The Big Brain is now a decade old, birthed in the year 2002 from a single growing Parallax processor.

Projects are conducted "for, by and about the The Big Brain" with the assistance of Humanoido and Lab Facilities.

The Big Brain Propeller Machine Microscopy Initiative for the Parallax Propeller Chip is accomplished in part with Apple Mac computers, OSX and AMD Streaming GPU Processors.

The Propeller Chip Nano Technology Project is created to study, develop and explore a tiny infinitesimal world existing inside the Parallax Propeller chip.

The TinyCOSMOS is the developing Microcosm Universe inside the chip. Nano Machines are created with purpose to exist and function inside the chip. 

The Ultra Space Program takes us from here to the edge of the Universe.

Many Sub Projects are created for academic purposes and to investigate and answer questions about the scientific worlds surrounding the Big Brain.