Friday, September 14, 2012

Objects Inside the Chip

WOW! There are literally these amazing tiny objects inside the chip! No, these are not the software objects you think of in programming with Propeller Spin language but rather are tiny objects to perform tasks much like typical things we think about or use in the everyday world.

Ok, some of the objects represent new technology, like the Tractor Beam. This is one goal with the project - to represent new technology and ideas. Many of these science fact functional objects in the chip, objects such as Transformers and Transporters, may consist of SW, while others like the Nano Telescope and Microscope may exist in combinations of physical hardware and SW. Objects inside the chip don't really have a name as yet, so for now we'll refer to these as simply categorized OICs (pronounced like oy-ks).

This is a project to construct these objects. The first are based on simple arrangements just to develop a functional example. Some OICs involve the new concept of Machining With Software. This is an actual machining method - the processing, shaping and developing an object inside the chip using software.

All of these are either in completed form or represent ongoing development. Some are in their infancy forms. Others are under consideration. They represent the building blocks of a new way of thinking about the inner space inside a Propeller microcontroller chip.

A Typical List of OICs
  1. Transporter
  2. Transformer
  3. Tractor Beam 
  4. Matter
  5. AntiMatter
  6. Nanite
  7. Nano Telescope
  8. Nano Microscope
  9. Time Machine
  10. Clock
  11. Cloner
  12. Invisibility Cloak
  13. Neuron
  14. Injector
  15. Computer Processor
  16. Freezer
  17. Heater
  18. Nano Measurement Ruler
  19. Window
  20. X-Ray Machine 
  21. MIM, Machine in a Machine 
  22. Reverber Instrument 
  23. Nano Goop 
  24. Camera
  25. Filter Machine
  26. Cartographic Machine 
  27. Manipulator Machine
  28. Vibrator
  29. Radio
  30. Thermometer 
  31. Negative Space 
  32. Positive Space
  33. Repeller 
  34. Artificial Gravity
Functions of OICs
01 - Instantly move/tranform object/process from one place to another
02 - Machine or process that transforms to another machine or process
03 - A beam to capture, hold, and carry along an object or process
04 - Physical matter or matter represented by other means
05 - The anti component of matter, causes annihilation upon contact
06 - Nanite is a very small machine or process at the nano level
07 - Very tiny telescope to view distant objects or processes in the chip
08 - Designed to view and enlarge nano things
09 - Alter and travel forward and backwards in time
10 - Keeps track of time and timing
11 - Copies and duplicates an object or process
12 - Mask an object or process
13 - A machine Neuron
14 - A machine to inject or distribute neurons
15 - Minimal exampling computer inside the Propeller chip
16 - The Freezer can freeze an operation or object
17 - The Heater can unthaw a frozen object or process
18 - Measures things inside the chips as small as a nano
19 - A viewing portal to see objects and processes
20 - Capable of looking through objects or processes
21 - A machine that functions inside another machine in the chip
22 - Causes object or method or process delay
23 - An object, process, method which is a few nanometers in size
24 - Snapshots various locations inside the chip
25 - Screens out things
26 - Creates maps of inner space domains
27 - Views, structures and modifies bits
28 - Vibrates structure to specified vibration frequencies
29 - Radio like features
30 - Measures temperature inside the chip
31 - Inverse, opposite positive, i.e. charge, number or state 
32 - Opposite of negative space
33 - When like charges repel 
35 - Made with like charge excess to create weight or position

OIC Objects constructed with the first Big Brain
A) Simplex Neuron
B) Cloner
C) Computer Processor
D) Clock
E) Injector
F) MIM Machine in a Machine

Non-OIC Objects constructed outside the chip
A) X-Ray Machine
B) Nano Telescope
C) Window

OIC - Objects Inside the Chip
MWS - Machining With Software