Friday, April 26, 2013

Power Dynamic Telescope PDT - through the Ring Nebula M57

The center of the Ring seen through the Power Dynamic Telescope PDT
M57 like you've never seen it before!

Small telescope M57 view
LOOKING INTO & THROUGH THE RING NEBULADiscover What’s Inside and On the Other Side!

At Left: a small telescope barely shows the 9th magnitude Ring Nebula. The center hole is featureless.

We give you permission to embark on a great Telenaut mission of exploration and discovery. Travel to the giant smoke ring - the famous Ring Nebula. Like astronauts using space ships, Telenauts use powerful telescopes to achieve their space missions.

When we arrive at this celestial wonder, we will enter into, explore inside, and then travel beyond the place that no man has ever gone before using the Big Brain's newest Adjunctive telescope.

Spectacular, mind boggling, and fantastic are the named results that come to mind when describing the newest journey into deep space made with the new Power Dynamic Telescope, bringing forth shocking new discoveries (that reside within and on the other side of the Ring).

No telescope this large ever attempted to penetrate the center hole of M57 until now. This is just the beginning of a new era in space exploration by the Big Brain Inititive. The Ring Nebula appears as a kind of cylinder, with spatial depth that can be penetrated and reveal space time on the opposite side. The things that materialized in the first exploratory image are astounding!

BREAKING NEWS! Spectacular results were imaged last night when the newest and most powerful Adjunctive telescope, the Power Dynamic Telescope PDT, was slewed towards the famous Ring Nebula, diving into the center hole to reveal the treasures hidden inside.

Supercomputer driven, the very powerful and complex Discovery Class Power Dynamic Telescope was pointed at the center of the Ring Nebula M57, and when doing Molecular calibrations - it inadvertently began looking inside the hole where we expected to only see a couple dim magnitude stars for tweaking the cams. Unexpectedly, not only could we see materialization inside, but we could see all the way through the Nebular Cast Sheen (attributed to M57) to the other side where new objects were discovered, arranged in space - resident beyond the ring!

— Telescope shows more than expected: looking into and through the ring to the other side! — 

Our Discovery List

1) The PDT allows one to look inside M57 Ring Nebula’s center hole and to look inside some distance as the ring is really a cylinder implying depth of field.

2) A Blue Cast Sheen BCS molecular window is discovered, which was created by the Ring's connecting molecular dust and gas.

3) The PDT Telescope was able to penetrate the blue cast sheen all the way to the other side of space and time.

4) There are objects both within and beyond this ring - inside and beyond the window of exploded star dust, many new faint stars and objects are seen.

5) Inside the ring we see two parallel bands of star dust and matter apparently residing inside the cylinder walls, appearing to have some connection with the matter curvature of the Ring's cylindrical shape.

6) Beyond the BCS boundary, there are many rifts, voids, stars, galaxies, nebula, and objects in space.

A star map, showing the plot of more stars and objects, can be created using the telescope’s Paradigmic Light Processor and this image.