Monday, May 20, 2013

MMT Molecular Mining the Cradle of Stars


Take one MMT Molecular Mining Telescope, engage the powerful Molecular Mining Device, and start mining the Universe! You've never seen space and time like this before!

the molecular view is crazy fantastic! —

The MMT Telescope has captures a spectacular mining view of the Star Cradle as seen in molecular light. Look closer at the many deeply resolved star Nodules spanning across space and time, and held in the clutches of Star Cradle. The Molecular engagement appears to penetrate stellar space more clearly and farther than expected, with spectacular results. There are estimated trillions of stars in and through the depth of the Cradle.

The Stellar Cradle view appears to show a portal to trillions of molecular stars and the actual cradle is seen as molecular eddies and currents within interstellar and nebular domains. Throughout the field of view within the Telescope's Face Plate, one can see the torsions of time. This new information shows a new way to look at space, time, and the cosmic objects and material within.

The MGT is a Molecular Genius Telescope, an interim scope that bridged the gap between the PGT and the PGT-ET telescopes. The MGT is now upgraded and refined to usher in a new dedicated MMT Molecular Mining Telescope.

The idea to pipe mount the Molecular Device from the GMM Genius Molecular Microscope onto the GT Genius Telescope was one of the best ideas in the Big Brain's Space Initiative. This led to Mining in the Universe with a new kind of molecular mode, which has revealed spectacular results and many new discoveries, providing a high level of exploration and discovery.

The new MMT Molecular Mining Telescope is now dedicated to Molecular mining of the Universe and beyond.

The MMT is an Adjunctive telescope configured with several key features: Adventure and Explorer Class Modes, Molecular Device, Adjunctive, Genius, Supercomputer, ET Enhanced Technology, Paradigmic and Power Dynamic.

MMT - Molecular Mining Telescope
MMD - Molecular Mining Device
MGT - Molecular Genius Telescope
GMM - Genius Molecular Microscope
MAC - Molecular Amp Cascader & Processor
TFP - Telescope Face Plate
VFP - Viewer Face Plate  

Genius Molecular Microscope GMM

GMM Genius Molecular Microscope Diagram

Powerful Microscopes

MGT Molecular Genius Telescope

MGT Molecular Cradle of Stars

Molecular Microscopy Initiative

MGT Molecular Genius Telescope
October 17th, 2012, Aperture: Enhanced PGT to over 7,000 miles. Features: Interim Testing Scope, MAC Molecular Amp Cascader & Processor, Pipe Fitting Atop the PGT Telescope, Transformation Telescope from PGT to PGT-ET

Molecular Stage Cascader

1) ULT - Ultra Large Telescope
2) NULT - New Ultra Large Telescope
3) GT - Genius Telescope
4) PGT - Paradigmic Genius Telescope
5) MGT - Molecular Genius Telescope
6) PGT-ET - Paradigmic Genius Telescope
7) PDT - Power Dynamic Telescope
8) GGT - Gargantuan Gravatomic Telescope
9) SRT - Space Recycler Telescope

10) MMT - Molecular Mining Telescope