Saturday, May 25, 2013

Propeller COSMAC ELF II Annexes the Future

Retro MC computer
Can retro computers from yesteryear find any place to be of use in the future? What possible tasking can these slow unwittingly singular computers do for future applications? You might be surprised!

BACK TO THE FUTURE: First, they still have their wits, and when annexed to modern technology, can update to modern parallel functioning. They have great function and use, with the strong points built in, such as binary functions, smart input devices, and smart output panels. They can dedicate their task, operate in real time, and continue their life with purpose and usefulness.

— don't walk, side step, or even think about riding side saddle with these old computers or their simulators, because they have the greatest value in the 21st Century —

For a good example application, we took our trusty MC Minimal Computer which was converted both hardware and software into a version of the COSMAC ELF II and we tasked it for use at the Ultra Space Center as a dedicated and real time reporting Numerical Binary Comptometer.

This serves the constant reporting of binary output, which is now a dedicated secondary service provided to the Big Brain Supercomputer Machine Array. In this experiment, the Propeller powered COSMAC ELF II is the output and provides annexing ten two-position switches and one pushbutton, with eight red Binary reporting status LEDs. Running under its own power, the Retro computer version is useful as a dedicated tasker running parallel with other jobs.