Friday, August 23, 2013

Build Tiny Stamp BOE

How to Build a Tiny BOE Board of Education

Article adapted from Penguin Tech Magazine PT1

Maybe smaller is better when it comes to tiny robots, little machines, and experimenting with projects on a budget. How about making a tiny BOE at a fraction of the cost of a full blown version? This project is ideal for hobbyists, students, schools and anyone on a budget, or project in the small space league.

BOE is the Board of Education, from Parallax Inc. It’s a development board on which to build many interesting basic stamp projects and it can be used over and over again, due to its convenient solderless breadboard and pin-out connectors. BOE is also the board driving the popular BOEBOT robot.

BOE’s uses are many, from controlling servos to offering convenient power regulation, a reset switch, and various well labeled connectors. BOE is the instrument by which you can get your projects running quickly and effectively. However, BOE is small but not tiny. It would be nice to have a tiny boe for robots smaller than BoeBot, such as Penguin Robot, and other projects with limited space requirements. This article examines a way to create a tiny BOE. This tiny BOE is portable and convenient, operating off the well known OEM Basic Stamp 2. Buy the kit (see links), collect the parts, and assemble the BOE. It's loads of fun!

Mainly, we connected an edge board connector and added a tiny solderless breadboard using double stick tape (the 3M kind to connect picture frames to the wall). Wiring is accomplished by leading wires from the edge connector to the breadboard. There are many applications for Tiny Boe. You can even make a Tiny BoeBot. It’s recommended to first make some standard connections for reset, and power.

Penguin Robot Society
BASIC Stamp 2 OEM Kit
Solderless Breadboard