Thursday, October 17, 2013

Basic Stamp Discovery

While organizing space after several times of moving from lab to lab and home to home, some hidden dusty boxes were discovered way up inside the dark poorly illuminated back country of elevated storage land. When opened, the boxes held the greatest treasures of dozens of BASIC Stamps, chips, modules, boards, and parts! This opens the pathway for the construction of new Stamp supermachines.

— Halloween special true story

These treasured boxed caches of Stamp modules and parts were collected over the past ten years, and were located up in the tiny dark elevated loft, a place where no human dare go, especially in the month of October, when spirits, goblins, ghosts, vampires, and unmentionable creepy crawlies make their appearances...

It's the place where there's no space to stand up. On your hands and knees, you crawl around with other things that also crawl. They seek the warmth of your pants, and once they get inside, they love to bite.

If you're brave enough to temporary withstand the horrendous heat and fling your face into the dimly illuminated dusty dark creepy crawly realm, or suddenly encounter a sticky spider cobweb of immense proportions flapped abrubtly into your face along with its large ugly black furry resident inhabitant, or endure any scarey small spaces closing in on you creating confining claustrophobic tendencies, this is surely the place to go, explore and realize the full peak of your greatest fears!

Treasure hunters are often brave souls, willing to temporarily endure such challenges, with the thought of treasured discovery in mind. Suddenly, a treasure cache of boxes was discovered, filled with dozens of BASIC Stamps, modules, chips, boards, kits, and parts, enough to design and build the next generation massive and powerful Stamp supermachine! The cache discovered will undoubtedly lead to greater, larger, and considerably more powerful BASIC Stamp supermachines!