Monday, November 18, 2013

Brain Cortex Capacity Part 34

The capacity of a brain increases with the number of processors which is related to the number of chips. When the chip density approaches 100 chips, the capacity for processors increases to 100,000 times more and beyond. INTELLIGENCE is a multiple subset of this processor relationship. This is related to neural capacity. It's expected that jar density will greatly increase with the use of specially designed boards. Large jars are currently waiting as cortex confinement vessels for extremely large brains currently up on the designing board. In this photo, an experimental 100+ chip big brain is running several connection machine experiments. This shows two design integrations, one in the back is an exoskeleton where the boards and components and wiring are on the outside, and second, high density boards in the front can hold over 192 RISC processors per board. Chips are Parallax Propeller.
Build a brain cortex with one chip or with one hundred chips. The neural capacity does not multiply 100 times for 100 chips. Neural capacity is multiplied 100,000 times. Imagine the power of a cortex 100,000 times more powerful than the current designed brain cortex in a jar.

Would it fit in a jar? Only if the jar is a big one! How big? Currently the lab has a big 5-liter jar. After some tests and redesigns, a new high density cortex will be placed inside but this is a future project.

The cortex is a different kind of machine animal with purposes entirely different from the Big Brain. Though technology from the Big Brain has made the Cortex possible, its purpose is very unique, i.e. both transferring a part of a human brain into the machine jar and increasing the jar's counterpart life span towards a state of immortality.

The base capacity of cortex intelligence "I" is based on a fundamental eight RISC processors. So doubling the "intelligence" of the cortex requires sixteen RISCs and the expansion is:

 Intelligence = 8n1 + 8n2 + 8n3 + ... where n is a factor multiple of 8. So the cortex can have an intelligence increase by adding cores. A chip has eight RISCs so three chips will have 24 or three times the intelligence.

Since limitations at the upper end allotment for configurations are currently allowed at 800 processors, the expanded cortex can have up to 100 times the intelligence level of the first cortex.

Machine cortex intelligence is based on DNA or birthing knowledge, the size of long term and short term memory, conversation capability, thinking, asking questions and the ability to continually learn new things.

* Memory
* Conversation
* Thinking
* Questions
* Learning

This project objective is to develop a cortex machine brain, demonstrate a human-to-machine brain transfer, in particular to take some relatively simple characteristics of a human brain and transfer portions to the machine brain, whereby human traits could be given a greater life longevity, leading towards immortality.

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