Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brain Morpher

The Big Brain is working on the Morpher Project

The Big Brain has completed a small robot brain sibling (Morpher-8) with an eight core brain that can take care of a morphing situation. The software code to do the level of morphing is being tested and the servos are being attached. Brain Morpher uses SPIN programming language and runs autonomously by automatically shifting levels. This opens up new levels of robotic control for the Big Brain.

Discussion includes various ways to morph and transform and how a Big Brain can best serve this purpose with many I/Os and resources. The first Brain Morpher is using hardware to accomplish its goals. But the next Brain Morpher is very different, living inside the machine and changing its shape, form, and constituent elements. Machine Inside the Machine (MIM) technology was developed by the Big Brain and is a spectacular concept.