Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big Brain Grows Again!

I know this comes as a surprise and rather shocking news - the Big Brain just moved into the new lab a few months ago and now has completely outgrown its current laboratory capacity.

This lab is new and has two levels. At first, the Big Brain moved into the upper story level. Immediately it became obvious this was too space limited and Big Brain moved downstairs into the living space for humans. It took over the staircase, the dining area, the kitchen, part of the living room and the bedroom. Therefore today, a decision was made to move to another home with more space for the Big Brain. A program of reviewing new homes with lab space was initiated. Thus far, the majority of the homes on the tiny island are too small. We'll continue looking...

Big Brain recently expanded with installment of the Drafting & Design Printer, the Universe Penetrator UP, the New Ultra Large Telescope NULT,  and teamed up with NASA for more resources and to expand into the Universe. We're flying in the EXO in a couple weeks and consolidating the entire Big Brain at one primary location for updates.

The Big Brain final assembly began August 6th, 2010 and was fully operational and semi cognizant in 2011. It continued to grow, even outgrowing the entire Parallax Forum and a new Lab in 2012. In the course of 1.5 years, it expanded into and outgrew 7 laboratories. Finally, the Big Brain was distributed in modular sections at various locations but this, it was learned, is not the most effective solution. The full story is here.