Monday, May 20, 2013

Space Recycler Telescope SRT

The new SRT Recycler Telescope uses free recycled parts - and its level of simplicity can return surprising results!

If you’ve kept up with the progression of telescopes created and conducted by the Big Brain machine program initiative to explore space, you’ve see increasingly large, massive, and complex telescopes constructed with levels of mind boggling advanced controls, delivering breath-taking results beyond belief.

These telescopes, worth up to trillions of dollars, are built under the auspices of the Big Brain Machine Initiative with great development time invested, and they operate with clever often complicated techniques. Their scientific instruments often return many new discoveries about the Universe and beyond. However, the telescopes may be complicated, and likely will not have much simplification as their exploratory capacity levels and add-ons increase exponentially over time. The SRT, or Space Recycler Telescope, is a somewhat simple version of these more complicated telescopes. Currently the most powerful telescope in the continuing series is the GGT Gargantuan Gravatomic Telescope.

We all know there are tons of space items floating around in space. These are mostly used, spent, decrepid, decayed, broken space probes that have lost their life, expended their supply of coolant, moved past their targets, crashed into planets and moons, stopped functioning with dead batteries, became broken due to unresolvable anomalies, crashed their programs, failed to reach intended targets, and simply reached the end of their life spans. The SRT is capable of recycling this space equipment into a new telescope and produce new gains from their demise.

The SRT generally will use just one Adjunct and its data sets will be more time dependent, so the telescope will focus the attention on what to observe and when to observe. This SRT is the most simple telescope in the series - remaining powerful, it can have an aperture diameter exceeding the largest Earth-based telescopes. It has the most basic controls and the most simple operations. To keep things simple, telescope linking is unary and the process of data mining is fundamental. Refer to the Face Plate showing control icons.

The SRT is the ninth powerful telescope in the series created by the Big Brain Space Exploring Initiative. 

1) ULT - Ultra Large Telescope
2) NULT - New Ultra Large Telescope
3) GT - Genius Telescope
4) PGT - Paradigmic Genius Telescope
5) MGT - Molecular Genius Telescope
6) PGT-ET - Paradigmic Genius Telescope
7) PDT - Power Dynamic Telescope
8) GGT - Gargantuan Gravatomic Telescope

9) SRT - Space Recycler Telescope