Monday, June 17, 2013

Creating A Super Human In the Lab

The Lab's proprietary technology has grown in leaps and bounds, making possible the construction of a Cyborg Human, also known as the Augmented Human. This super human can do things that no normal human can do.

Although implants can empower a human, so can non-invasive attachments. The Lab has chosen to go the non-invasive route, making replacements, battery changes, add-ons and upgrades easy to do without surgery. Some may arguable state such means can be the foundation of super powers. Others will say this brings man closer to the Singularity of becoming one with the machine. Many of these new developed super powers are merely strap on with Velcro. Let's take a look at these new Lab technologies and how they can be used to achieve super human qualities.

the enhanced human is a step towards the singularity of man and machine

The Variable Visioner VV is a device controlled by small optics. Depending on the position of the eye's pupil, a selection menu is activated. The menu has variable focus lens control for microscope vision, reading vision, normal vision, distance vision, and telescope vision. An upgrade to the VV device enables night vision, thermal vision, and a few extras we dare not talk about.

The Mega Memory device MM primarily allows the human to retain a specific amount of specialized supplemental memory in addition to what the human brain can supply. The memory has instant recall and can be changed or expanded.

The Super Strength device SS is a wearable robotic unit designed to enhance the strength of a specific limb. The first version is non-battery operated using the fundamentals of mechanics to increase power.

The Humongous Hearing device HH is a wearable electronic unit that can amplify sounds not normally heard by humans. It's electronics can make a selectable frequency response for zeroing in on specific sound such as a specific person talking in a room of many sounds.

The Titan Touch device TT is a sender recoverable unit that can extend the touch sense of a human to greater distances. Released from a wearable belt, the device flies out distancing itself from the human, to gather sensory information. The sensory information can include remote vision, remote hearing, and remote touch.

The Super Sex device SS has both male and female versions. The male wearable version allows the insertion of the male organ into a prosthetic with super powers, enabled by motors, batteries and shape shifting morphables, to accomplish multiple tasks at will. The female version is a scalable all surrounding gripper that can shape shift and super titillate its containment. It can adjust the amount of pressure at the base of its containment, thus allowing greater longevity of the act while simultaneously increasing its thrusting potential.

The Enormous Energy device EE is a concocted combination of ingested elements designed to quickly enable energy to the biological human. It contains a quickly assimilated safe legal fluid with energy expanding athletic enabling ingredients and the ability to function longer before sleep.

A package of Adaptive Ancillary devices AA are used for specific purposes and enhancements. These are contained in the belt pockets and drawn out quickly for function. Possible sets include projective devices, projectiles, sensors, protectors, enhancers and other items. This can include items of high strength materials, light, magnetism, electricity and mechanics, and may include miniature wenches, stun devices, lights, IR, Ultrasonics, flying and swarming robots, etc.