Wednesday, October 16, 2013

3DSC - Worlds 1st 3D Stamp Computer


Basic Stamp Supercomputer Spinoff Technology - A 3D Stamp Computer to Explore a Multidimensional Universe

Note: I’m posting this in the Basic Stamp Supercomputer thread as spinoff technology, though it’s likely such a project can be interfaced the the BSS itself. The line is not a distinctive one, as what can be applied to the 3D Stamp Computer can be applied to the BSS as well. Yet, for the 3DSC, the applications appear totally different and unique. More on this will be described.

I was looking at the Basic Stamp Supercomputer and there in front were multiple platform levels of various stamp computers with incredible power, and the magnitude hit me - thinking should be in three or more dimensions. Up to this point, I was thinking only in terms of quantity, i.e. clusters and paralleled processing.

According to Einstein, a space-time continuum exists in multiple dimensions. So why not have the supercomputer do a kind of demonstration or simulation and recreate the effects of space-time with, say three or more dimensions of choice? (using simple common components) That would be affordable if we used the Basic Stamp One, and the entire project could be completed in a reasonable period of time.

Taking this new BSS spinoff technology one step further, a complete yet simple entity was created which is now called the 3D Stamp Computer or 3DSC. It actually works! Using three driving computational and controlling engines and thinking in three dimensions (not limited to space only), it was programmed with some very interesting ideas, the results of which are absolutely spectacular!

Using light, sound, computation, space, and time, some demonstration programs were written that are absolutely mind blowing. I felt a kind of awesome feeling like back in the university when being introduced to the world of Albert Einstein with time travel, the Universe, dimensional space time concepts and physics that can inspire the mind and the soul into the excitement of expanded thinking on new levels.

Simply put, the project takes you to a place where literally no one has gone before - the power of multidimensional computing is the ability to use time and space in various relationships with hardware, calculation, computation, sound, light, sequence, phase, actuation, waveform, oscillation, harmonics, sensors and inter-dimensional communications to develop new creative concepts.

Historical - From the Beginning - the 3DC (3D Computer)
I will probably break off the 3D Stamp Computer into its own thread as it will be developed as a single project for a while. As an update to the 3DC, I'm currently developing application ideas and outlining the software. It appears that once you work with multiple stamps, rather than one, there are many new applications never tried before with stamps.

This opens up all new ideas and programming possibilities. Once it is fully developed, there is great potential for connecting it to the Basic Stamp Supercomputer. It the current state of the 3DC, three computers can attach to the BSS. However, these will need their own space and levels to achieve their programming tasks which are affected by space and proximity. I searched the web for similar proximity apps with basic stamps and didn't find any. This is going to be all new territory for the stamp.

I have also considered working with the BSS in a way to convert it to a multi-dimensional supercomputer, and program it for apps that are designed for 30 dimensions. That may require a rearrangement of the stamps in space time. While I've thought of an abundance of apps for the 3DC, the multiple dimension BSS (MDBSS) is going to take some considerable thought. Exactly what apps are most suited to 30 dimensions? It's definitely new space to trod upon...

3D Stamp Computer Update
Programming is now completed on the BSS Spinoff - 3D Stamp Computer, and the article will be included in BasicOne Stamp News Spring 2009 premier issue. The testing went without a hitch, the code works flawlessly, and the apps are all listed in the article. The schematic is fully tested and verified. I wrote 11 programs for the 3DSC, all are now tested and working.


to be continued