Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another BSS Basic Stamp Supercomputer?

The Grapevine Speculation
Will there be another BSS? Considering that the BSS family and its spinoffs now encompass almost all BASIC Stamp boards and modules, is it possible that the torch may pass on to the Propeller chip? ... or will we see more of the integration of the Stamp + Propeller, or clever new Stamp-only inventions?

The question is, are there any new Stamp boards or modules that could be utilized in future projects that would show some new features? The answer is yes, and as a result, the "super stamp" is now born, made from both a BASIC Stamp and Propeller chip boards.

The Super Stamp has the extra memory and speed (+cogs) of the prop, yet programs in BASIC and has PBASIC functions, and a similar module form factor. There is some discussion about using the SPIN Stamp for such purposes.

A newer QuadLyzer functions as a BASIC Stamp Quantum Analyzer, and is a member of the BASIC Stamp Supercomputer family.

One idea is moving towards more cost effective multiplicities. The propeller chip is about $1 per computer (Cog) and this remains highly competitive. So what is coming up? You will begin to see some enhancements for modules and chips that can be applied to the BASIC Stamp and the Propeller chip, as well as dedicated supercharged machines.

Tentative New UT Basic Stamp Supercomputer