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Extremely Powerful Telescopes Links

Extremely Powerful Telescopes Links

1) ULT & NULT, Ultra Large & New Ultra Large Telescopes
022712 New ULTRA Large Telescope NULT

022712 The Penetrator

031412 NULT Telescope Image Portfolio Album

031512 ULTRA Telescope Home Page

032012 Telescope Arm Reaches for End of the Universe (Blockage)
032412 ULT Coldest Place in the Universe
032612 ULT Voyaging Craft Window

032712 ULT Advancements 

032812 ULT Saturn Rings Journey
032812 ULT Increase in Size & Resolution (Star Test)
032912 ULT Deep Stellar Abyss Reveal
032912 ULT March Upgrades

032912 ULT Accumulator Invented
033012 ULT Sun Flare

ULTRA Black Hole Found

ULTRA Telescope Kepler 22b

ULTRA Telescope Lunar Rover

ULTRA Telescope Andromeda Image 

ULTRA Big Brain Deep Space Center

ULTRA Space Adjunct Invented

ULTRA Telescope 1st Upgrade 

ULTRA Telescope Pointing Program

ULTRA Telescope Jupiter Great Red Spot

ULTRA Resolution

ULTRA Telescope Image Portfolio

ULTRA Telescope Tests Complete

ULTRA Telescope Pluto

ULTRA Big Brain Definitions
    ULTRA Processor Upgrades
    ULTRA Enhancement Calculations

Locative Driver Device 

Synthesized Telescope  

ULT Sun Flare
    NASA Resources Past & Future
    Solar Flare Watch
    ULT Deep Stellar Abyss Reveal
    Before & Beyond the ULT
    ULT Stellar Abyss Mission
    ULT March Upgrades
    ULT Accululator Invented
    Big Brain Increases ULT Resolution
    ULT Saturn Rings Journey
    ULT Advancements
    ULT Voyaging Craft Window
    ULT Recombinator
    MULTI Mag Slider Invention
    ULT Coldest Place in the Universe
    Telescope Arm Reaches for the End of the Universe
    ULTRA Space Administration
    ULTRA Telescope
    ULTRA Telescope Home Page
    NULT Telescope Image Portfolio Album
    NULT Telescope Tests Complete
    NULT Telescope Pluto
    NULT Resolution
    Space Adjunct Invented
    NULT Telescope 1st Upgrade
    NULT Telescope Pointing Program
    NULT Telescope Jupiter Great Red Spot
    NULT Telescope Kepler 22b
    NULT Telescope Lunar Rover
    NULT Telescope Andromeda Image
    Big Brain Deep Space Center
    Black Hole Found
    NASA Resources for Propeller Brain
    New Ultra Large Telescope NULT
    Big Brain & NASA Team Together
    The Penetrator
ULTRA Telescope Home Page

ULT Imaging Dates, Blogs, Links in chronological order

Saturn's Rings
Star Test 
Deep Stellar Abyss
Dangerous Sun Flare  

022712 Big Brain & NASA Team Together

022812 NASA Resources for Propeller Brain

2) NULT New Ultra Large Telescope022712 New ULTRA Large Telescope NULT

022712 The Penetrator
022712 Galaxies at the Edge of the Universe
030112 Black Hole
030212 Andromeda Galaxy
030312 Lunar Rover
030412 Kepler 22B
030512 Jupiter Great Red Spot GRS
030712 Pluto

3) GT Genius Telescope
GT Genius Telescope
June 8, 2012 GT Telescope Venus Transit First Light
July 13th, 2012 Sun Edge Reveal
September 9th, 2012 Black Hole Event Horizon

4) PGT Paradigmic Genius Telescope 
Paradigmic GT Telescope
M42 PGT Paradigimic Genius Telescope

5) MGT Molecular Genius Telescope

MGT Molecular Genius Telescope

6) PGT-ET Paradigmic Genius Telescope Enhanced Technology
PGT Telescope ET Version
Mars Volcano Olympus Mons
The Edge of the Universe
Dragon Head Nebula
New Stars
Ring Nebula Cosmic Striations
Crab Nebula

7) PDT Power Dynamic Telescope Explorer Class
Power Dynamic Telescope PDT First Light 
142 Advanced controls
Pinpointing a Singularity
Two Edges Universe
Black Hole Floaters and Red Matter
Strange Object Inside Black Hole
Black Hole Contort Space
Through the Center of the Ring Nebula
Resolution of Red Super Giant Star
Journey to a Gravitational Black Hole

8) GGT Gargantuan Gravatomic Telescope
Age of Gravatomic GGT Gargantuan Gravatomic Telescope
First Light GGT Gargantuan GravAtomic Telescope

Gravatomic Machine
Age of Gravatomic
GGT Faceplate Control Icon Rework

Telescope Icons
Meltdown of Space & Time

9) SRT - Space Recycler Telescope
Space Recycler Telescope SRT

10) MMT - Molecular Mining Telescope
MMT Molecular Mining Telescope Horsehead Nebula
MMT Horsehead Nebula Wide View
MMT Molecular Mining the Cradle of Stars
MMT Molecular Strip Mining
Interface Molecular Stage Cascader & PGT Telescope

11) IET - Inference Engine Telescope
Imagination Power 
IET Inference Engine Telescope Construction
New Expert Inference Engine
Inference Engine Icon
IET Telescope Greatest Journey 

12) M3T Massive Molecular Mining Telescope
M3T Telescope First Light Saturn 

13) ET - Extrapolation Telescope
ET Telescope

14) IT - Interpolation Telescope
IT Interpolation Telescope  

15) OT - Over the Top Telescope
OT Over the Top Telescope

Machines for Extremely Powerful Telscopes 
The AAR Machine
Altercated Alternated Reality Machine
Generating Altercated Alternated Reality
AAR Machine
AAR Machine Projected Control Mapping
AAR Machine New Controls Arrangement
AAR Control Boiler Plate
AAR Machine Projected Control Mapping
AAR Reality Machine Controls Developed 

Related Links
Ultra Space Administration
The Prime Directive

Before & Beyond the ULT
Telescope Icons 

Remaining Links Double Check List

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