Saturday, December 14, 2013

OT Telescope Controls

Control room - this scene envisions a large enough OT Telescope control room designed to handle all the functions of the previous 14 extreme machine telescopes. The room would need space to include the Big Brain supercomputer and all of its components and supporting divisions. Multiple panels of LCD monitors could show observational OT Telescope views in 14 dynamics. To the left is the containment for the supercomputer.
OT is the most powerful telescope in the series of extremely powerful telescopes. Representing over the top performance, it includes the functions and capabilities of the previous 14 telescopes.

What is recommended for the telescope systems control panels and instrumentation environment? Perhaps a view from fiction can help envision the dream environment for control of the most powerful telescope, the OT, when it comes into full operation upon completion of assembly with pipe fittings and mountings.

Envisioning star field and particle dynamics analysis - here the telescope operator is selecting the type of field dynamics and adjusting the penetrative depth of sensing and imaging.

One aspect of the new OT telescope is about how to control it and develop instruments and control panels for it. The Promethius photos best illustrate some of the envisioned concepts.

Envisioning global planetary systems and minor objects, including moons, analysis controls and panels
Imagine a singular room, control center, instrumentation array that includes everything needed for controlling powerful functions inclusive of apertures, adjunctives, paradigmics, gravatomics, moleculars, interpolatives, extrapolatives, recyclers, extensions, inferences, gtechs, and power dynamics, all in a single telescope!

Envisioning automatic planetary atmospheric climatology analysis

The power reconfigurable OT is the ultimate extreme machine, powered by a supercomputer, with more reconfigurable functions than any other extreme machine built to date by the Lab. The extreme machine OT is the most powerful observatory telescope ever conceived by Humanoido Laboratories.

Envisioning multi analysis of a singular object suspended in the space time continuum. This type of instrumentation analysis and controls work to analyze and image distant galaxies, global star fields, and space objects from here to infinity. In particular the analysis of dynamics is selectable and multiple results display simultaneously.


Credit: Prometheus