Monday, November 9, 2015

Space1 Transhuman Injection

The Founder of SPACE1 is the inventor, developer and innovator of TransHuman Injection for space travel and space tourism

Advanced rapid development during LQ2015 is slated for refinement of TransHuman Injection, TI, while 2016 is scheduled for rocket launches testing many concepts of space tourism. The Space1 program is on schedule for TI and its refinement.

TI, TransHuman Injection, prepares a Space1 astronaut for space tourism travel. TI includes the Super (space) Suit which will enable a human for super human feats as needed during space flight. The Super Suit is a key linking element with the spacecraft environment.

The Super Space Suit 3S enables withstanding the elements of space travel and maintains the safety rocket configs. Commonplace is withstanding intensive vibrations, weightlessness, parametric recycling, astro ejection into space (space flying), the immense pressure of rocket travel, g-force, acceleration, aerodynamic braking, the forces of re-entry including searing heat and thermodynamic variances, etc.

Exactly what is the Super Space Suit? The 3S is everything from a cryogenics device to a robotics humanoid entity that interfaces with a human being, giving new power and abilities for space travel. The 3S is a space lab, with advanced abilities.

Enter the Singularity, a point where man becomes the machine and visa versa. How can Space1 develop or move towards the point of Singularity? Evo progress has taken place, along with new technological breakthroughs in various scientific fields, enabling futuristic interfacing to achieve these goals. The development of 3S takes Space1 the closest in its history to reaching this point.

LQ2015 AGENDA LQ2015 has opened up a futures division, which is developing a new safety rocket engine to be mounted on a new spacecraft. The scaled spacecraft is built and awaiting for flying in 2016.

Space1's Singularity is the super interfacing of man and machine during spaceflight

The Super Space Suit gives the astronaut super human power and makes TransHuman Injection possible. Unlike NASA's Apollo spacecraft, i.e. LEM, Command Module, and Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Capsules, etc., the Space1 spacecraft is currently not specifically gas pressurized, heated, or parametric compensated for human space travel. The full compensation is, for the most part, established via the 3S. Some 3S features are listed as follows:

* Experience RWC Rapid Weightlessness Condition without pass out
* Endure super G force
* Withstand Ultra Mechanical Vibrations and Harmonics
* Survive highest Space Pressures
* Stay alive during dangerous super acceleration
* Handle rigors of aerodynamic braking
* Function during the forces of injection
* Function during the forces of return flight
* Manage super searing heat 
* Manage frigid space
* Manage ultrasonics and super noise
* Ability to exit the spacecraft and space-fly 


3S  Super Space Suit
The Super Space Suit gives the astronaut super human power, introduces multi safety levels, and makes TransHuman Injection possible.  

RWC  Rapid Weightlessness Condition
The process whereby weightlessness is quickly encountered during space travel

TI  TransHuman Injection 
Prepares a Space1 astronaut for space tourism travel, includes the 3S

Parametric Recycling
Parameter conditions that vary during space flight, often at extreme nodes

Space Fly
Ability of an astronaut, during space tourism, to leave the spacecraft and fly throughout space

Astro Ejection
Process of an astronaut ejecting out of the spacecraft during space flight

Thermodynamic Variances
Changing temperatures and/or temperature differentials of environment and/or materials

Aerodynamic Breaking
Process of reducing speed using the atmosphere, typically during Earth reentry or landing on another planet or moon

Super Noise
Very intensive noise inside a rocket during aspects of space flight

Super Acceleration
Very intensive acceleration produced by a rocket during launch and space travel

Super Interfacing 
A very intensive process of connecting a human astronaut to space flight, thought of as the creation of a singularity

The merging of man and machine, i.e. an astronaut and space flight

Super Human Feats
The ability to go beyond the normal human limits of acceleration, gravity, temperature, noise, vibration, pressure

Space Lab
Ability of the 3S to function as a space lab for the astronaut, offering a wide range of parametric control

Cryogenics Device
As applied to the 3S, a system to protect the wearer from extreme heat and cold temperatures

Evolutionary process of man and machine