Sunday, August 12, 2012

Delineated Supercomputers

The RX Propeller Supercomputer

A multiple divisional delineated separation of Propeller super computers is now established. This increases the number of unique applications for super computing machines, for experiments, academics, and the instigation of various new projects.

The first photo shows a special effects image, looking like a 1950s super computing machine, the RX Propeller Supercomputer is unique for its contents of all Parallax Propeller chips and for its retro super computing nature. Retro is the open pathway to making a supercomputer from all Propeller chips.

The most powerful machine is the Big Brain Supercomputer operated in combination with a union of Left Brain and Right Brain to achieve a modern day supercomputer.

The Power Cube Supercomputer is configured internally as a cube for cube computing.

The Bottled Brain Super Computer has uniqueness within it's structure and density.

Delineated Super Computing Machines 
  • Big Brain Supercomputer
  • RX Propeller Supercomputer
  • Power Cube Supercomputer
  • Bottled Brain Super Computer