Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Big Brain Air Travel Consolidation


Today the Big Propeller Brain successfully completed its final round journey of air travel for the Consolidation Program to reassemble in one location, thereby bringing all modules together for a more powerful living machine.

Your Worst Nightmare? But how do you take the beast from the cradle and pass it through the ultimately tough and sometimes ruthless regime of Airport Security? Just look at one scenario - armed guards with machines guns, vicious attack and "something sniffing" police dogs, impatient wild card people in menacing uniforms making unreasonable judgements with authority to make you bend over backwards, laws not necessarily beneficial to your luggage or the value of your personal effects, and damaging XRAY Radiation machines harmfully accumulative to health. What madness! Even babies can be indited, flight banned and ear tagged as terrorists in a system that readily and easily makes horrendous mistakes that make you the brunt of the consequences.

Wearing white gloves, they reach for ultimate unspoken levels of frisking your body in private places, meanwhile you endure the ultimately high levels of stress that's generated in going through these nightmare check points. In fact, they poke, prod, upset your luggage, go through your underwear, confiscate what they want, and upset you. They invade your privacy, take your photos, make your personal information available, and even take your temperature! They own you and all your personal property and they know there's no timely expeditious alternative to air flight. Your stuck.

To  make matters worse, trying to take something unusual out of or through a Communist Nation can make matters prohibitively complicated and harrowing. Will you be brought up on charges and serve out your life's remainder in confinement waiting for the rope? New Propeller technology, hundreds of processors, thousands of wires, towering electronic microprocessor boards - stuff that looks like a giant big blue bomb, and literally everything that may not be allowed out of the country will make you sweat bullets! It becomes your worst nightmare. 

The BIG BRAIN Exo is capable of dreaming and life
but can it pass the Xray machine at Airport Security?
Air Travel
Air travel is always a concern. Imagine, if you will, the Big Brain with hundreds of processor chips and wire bundles and it's easily to dream up the shape of something not allowed on planes, not to mention the startling image of what appears on the Airport Security luggage Xray machine!

Last time we shipped the flat Arrays, fully populated solderless breadboards with a massive number of Parallax Propeller chips installed. This core of the Big Brain was challenged by Airport Security and was ported to a special luggage area for inspection and additional Xrays. It took only one word to go through. Read about the process at the Airport Security post.

New Low Weight Requirements
This time it went smoother than the last time. No questions asked. No special porting over for additional exams. The only confrontation was the overweight situation created by the luggage. New international regulations stipulate no more than 23kg for check through luggage. Considering the added weight of the actual empty luggage, which must be the strong sturdy rigid style to avoid side depressions during handling, it does not leave much weight allowance for the Big Brain, components and its massive power supply.

What went through
This time the Big Brain's EXO and massive power supply was shipped to the Main Lab. The EXO is a towering Exoskeleton with the components mounted on the outside of the structure. This facilitates rapid wiring and changes, and it offers an easy to see working environment. The down side is the wires are exposed on the outside and can easily tear off.

Brain Parts Scattered Across the Universe?
Brain parts were also shipped but not through air travel during the flight due to luggage quantity restrictions. A courier was hired to ship six boxes of parts and components by air freight. Also included were supporting projects, lab equipment, vessels, documentation and peripherals.

Prepping the Brain for Travel
The luggage was first prepared as a bed to hold the EXO. A carpet with rubber backing was placed to line the luggage interior. Fabric was then used to cushion and support the brain on all sides. The fabric, soft cotton material, is capable of compression and absorbing impact without damaging the Brain. It's a good idea to put the heavy weight power supply into matching luggage, locating it at the two luggage La Grange points - this is in the range of the opposite side of each handle. Typically luggage will have one handle at the top and one at the side.

It's Only a Matter of Money
Get out your green stuff, or red matter if you're in China. As they say, it's only a matter of money - you simply supply the airline attendant with the appropriate bargained sum of money and away you go, no further business required.

Frequent Fat Flyer FFF
If you're really fat (lots of overweight luggage) or a Frequent Fat Flyer FFF (fly often with overweight luggage) you may even get a discount.

Consolidation Program
We're really happy the final components of the Big Brain arrived safely at the new laboratory and in the next several months a project will be initiated to reconnect and rewire the Big Brain in a new, even more powerful, configuration with the Consolidation Program.

Consolidation Program - a project to bring together all Big Brain components, parts, modules, assemblies, and offspring in one place, and to reassemble with the goal of a more powerful and readily accessed unit.