Sunday, April 21, 2013

Telescope Class

A number of telescope classifications (ten) are now established to delineate the full line of telescopes and their unique purposes and variations. The current Power Dynamic Telescope PDT is being termed Power Class.

This class is capable of making powerful discoveries, in terms of exploring the Universe and its components and effects, more than any other telescope in the line. This is attributed to the more sophisticated control modules and the greatest number of units providing wide variety capability. More information about the classes of telescopes will be released the the future. 

Telescope Class
Recycler (SRT)
Explorer (NULT)
Adventure (ULT)
Genius (GT)
Paradigmic (PGT)
Molecular (MGT)
Enhanced Technology (PGT-ET) 
Power (PDT)
Gravatomic (GGT)

Telescopes for Classification
ULT (Adventure Class)
NULT (Explorer Class)
GT (Genius Class)
PGT (Paradigmic Class)
MGT (Molecular Class)
PGT-ET (Enhanced Technology Class)
PDT (Power Class)
GGT (Gravatomic Class)

SRT (Recycler Class)